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James Bible Study

James 1

The Christian's Battles - James 1:1-15

The Christian's Bible - James 1:16-26

James 2

The Christian's Brethren - James 2:1-13

The Christian's Beliefs - James 2:14-26

James 3

The Christian's Behavior - James 3:1-4:12

James 4

The Christian's Boasting - James 4:13-5:6

James 5

The Christian's Burdens - James 5:7-20

About the Author

Bob Conway is a retired pastor of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, currently teaching Bible and Theology at Regent College of the Caribbean, who holds a Masters of Divinity from Grace Theological Seminary.

Bob has written over two dozen in depth Bible studies and commentaries, some of which are listed on the right.  More of these will be available online in the future as time allows.


Bible Studies by Bob Conway

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The Holy Spirit

How to Study the Bible

Romans Salvation

Life of the Apostle Paul

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