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James Bible Study

James 1

The Christian's Battles - James 1:1-15

The Christian's Bible - James 1:16-26

James 2

The Christian's Brethren - James 2:1-13

The Christian's Beliefs - James 2:14-26

James 3

The Christian's Behavior - James 3:1-4:12

James 4

The Christian's Boasting - James 4:13-5:6

James 5

The Christian's Burdens - James 5:7-20

Book of James Bible Study

An In Depth Online Bible Commentary

by Bob Conway

Editor's note: It is my privilege to be able to put this bible study on the book of James online and to be able to share the author's work with everyone.  I have done my best to present Bob's book, originally titled "James - Genuine Faith That Works", unedited in this space.  I have edited the format slightly to make it website friendly and have likewise changed some the outline and chapter structure to prevent some very long pages.

The content on this Bible study on James remains almost completely unedited.  With the exception of having to remove some Greek words that don't translate well on a website this is almost completely the same as the original Bible study.

I believe that you'll find the book of James to be a challenging book as he cuts to the heart of so many struggles that Christians have.  This makes the book very practical for every Christian.  The book is not devoid of deep theology though either as it cuts to the core of who God is and how one is actually saved. 

Author's note: I had the privilege of studying Greek Exegesis of James, under Dr. Homer Kent, Jr., at Grace Theological Seminary. During this course, I translated the book of James from Greek into English, while doing the hermeneutical tasks that accompany such a task. I am indebted to many scholars, who have written on this short book.

The book of James is considered the first book inspired by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Canon. Rightly so, it is a test of genuine faith that works. It is classified by many as the wisdom book of the New Testament. The wisdom contained in it cannot be ignored if a Christian is to have a faith that works.

The reader will discover that James weaves in and out topics; first, introducing and later expounding upon them. He has drawn heavily from the teachings of his half-brother Jesus and undoubtedly, this book influenced other writers of the New Testament.

James wrote to the early church, which was comprised mostly of Jewish Christians. Therefore, his writing has an Old Testament flavor, yet is Christianity at its finest.

I have taught the book of James several times and this commentary is the result of my study.

It is my prayer that it will be helpful in your study and teaching.

Robert P. Conway

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